Providing a Decentralized & Multichain Euro Stablecoin and developing Blockchain Powered Financial Products

Mimo offers a suite of applications designed to allow business and retail investors to use their digital assets or enter the Blockchain space, bridging the existing chasm between the DeFi world and the world of regulated traditional finance.
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PAR: Over-collateralized Euro

The PAR token is a price-stable token pegged to the Euro. Easy to generate, access, and use. Users generate PAR by depositing collateral assets into MIMO vaults within the MIMO protocol.
Fully audited
Built with security and safety at its core, Mimo and PAR are fully audited by Quantstamp. Find our full audit report here
Being truly decentralized also means being widely available. Mimo and PAR are available on Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, and more to come.
A stable peg
Every PAR in circulation is directly backed by excess collateral, meaning that the value of the collateral is higher than the value of the PAR minted, and all PAR transactions are publicly visible on-chain.
Dex & Cex
PAR is the First Euro stable token with CEX native support on Fantom, Polygon and Ethereum. Available on Curve, Spookyswap and Balancer

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